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Internet of Things + artificial intelligence smart home industry chain changes tremendously
Time: 2017/4/29   Clicks: 5095 

The future smart home core uses will focus on three aspects: housework automation, energy management, intelligent security. First of all, with the development of the times, the Internet can no longer satisfy people's enthusiasm for innovation in life. Internet is an upgraded version - the birth of the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence as a national strategic development, so the IoT encountered artificial intelligence is a new opportunity and challenge. In short, the latest state-of-the-art technology is intelligent and brings many intelligent technology companies homeopathy. Whether it is the traditional transformation and upgrading of enterprises or want to seize the commanding height of a new round of reform and development, the whole society is immersed in an intelligent atmosphere.
Smart home business in the direction of the layout of things
Globally, the layout of the smart home enterprises in the direction of the Internet of Things mainly focuses on 13 fields such as energy and public utilities, smart locks, kitchen and household appliances, monitoring and safety, home robots, health and alarm systems.
Energy and Utilities - Utilize sensors, monitoring technologies and data to conserve water and energy. The smart product automatically detects the distance between the user and the home, adjusts the temperature accordingly and is controlled by the application in the smartphone.
Smart Door Lock - Replaces traditional keys with virtual keys and electronic locks. Many company products also allow users to remotely view and communicate with visitors. Universal Smart Home Solutions - Instead of working on a single, smart gadget, it builds multiple device systems that automate the home of the user.

Prec: Global IoT Opportunity Window Opened Smart Home occupies a significant place

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